Friday, October 31, 2014

A Few Spooky Videos For Halloween

This first one is quite obviously CGI. Right? It's still got good creep-out factor though.

This next one is a little more of a head-scratcher though. CGI? Perhaps. Blair Witch? Not entirely demonic but it sure would scare the crap out of me to coming walking through the woods and see this.

This one is a snippet of a longer video that you can see here . It's a about 4 minutes or so of a group of boys wandering through an abandoned school building in an Iraq city. The place doesn't look very spooky, it is daytime, and it looks pretty typical of any group of kids just kicking around trying to find something to do. It might be easier to write this one off as CGI if the boys had actually reacted to the headless ghost that materializes and walks toward them. Instead, it as if the specter only appears on film, and that they were actually oblivious to the presence.

The groan you hear that seems to be coming from the headless ghost turns out to actually be the call to prayer, and not the wailing of that, whatever it was that materialized in the empty classroom. But speaking of prayer, this next one might leave you wondering if angels are real. A CCTV security cam captures what appears to be some sort of winged, illuminated being dropping to the ground and then bouncing right back out of view.

But is there a difference between a falling angel, and a fallen angel? In this next one the cameraman and a friend are walking through the woods, and notice that something is not quite right. They aren't speaking English, so I can't tell you exactly what they are saying, but something has caught their interest. As they continue walking through the woods, they notice several large white feathers littering the trail. and then the come across, whatever this is.

Was it a Gollum, feasting on a swan in the middle of the woods perhaps? Or could it have been a fallen angel, as others have suspected, seeing the nubs on it's back, as if wings had been attached and broken off.