Friday, December 27, 2013

EMT Broke Rules to Make Emergency Transport, Suspended and Resigns

This story does not appear to be entirely accurate or thoroughly investigated, but we can still see the core element of what happened. A 20-year old volunteer who was not authorized to drive the ambulance for the squad, chose to drive the ambulance anyway, because no other transport was immediately available for a child having a seizure. What say ye on this issue Hudson Valley? Life-saver, rule-breaker, or both?
ELLENVILLE — The resignation of an Ellenville First Aid and Rescue Squad volunteer who admits breaking rules to transport a sick child to the hospital has caused an outcry in the community.

EDIT to add additional source:

The following article seems to give more insight into the issue.

Ellenville EMT who was suspended had previous violations, squad captain says


Sawyer, despite not being authorized to make decisions about which calls should take priority, told the other EMT and the driver to answer the second call, according to Gavaris. He said Sawyer, who is one year too young to drive the volunteer squad’s ambulance but does drive a smaller ambulance for a paid service, should not have instructed the other squad members to answer that call.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Banning Light Bulbs

The US is set to ban standard light bulbs beginning January 1. In theory, the move is meant to save energy for our nation. In reality however, the replacements are far more expensive, dangerous to the environment, and a serious fire hazard.

What are your thoughts on the light-bulb issue?

Ironically enough, the world's oldest working light-bulb happens to be in a firehouse too.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

First-Responders, Please Share Here!

Are you a first-responder? Have you seen some bizarre things in your career?

Can't share because you might be fired or ridiculed for sharing but want to tell the story? Share it here! You can comment anonymously, or by signing in through you social media account.

Let the readers know how "the other half" lives!

Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry?

Some states that are less restrictive on permits and purchases of guns, ban open-carry. Other states that are more strict on firearm regulation allow it, or make no distinction at all. Still other states require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, while carrying a gun openly exempts the owner of permitting at all.

What regulations should be made, if any, to distinguish between carrying a a gun concealed from public view versus a gun that is displayed openly on a person?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ring In On Duck Dynasty Debacle!

A lot of folks are quite sick of hearing about it, but it does seem to cut to the chase of very important social issues we face today. So, we will go ahead and solicit your opinions here.

Speaking for myself (JMV), and not necessarily the other admins on HVW, I think it is mostly an issue of discrimination of religion. He was fired for his religious beliefs. That is illegal, and just as intolerable as if he had been fired for outing himself as gay in the GQ article.

Secondly, on the free speech level, he was not on air with A&E or "on the clock" so to speak. Should we be held accountable for not strictly adhering to ambiguous directives or unwritten policies of our employers when we are not at work?

Finally, I think they made a mountain out of mole-hill on this. I might have expected a deep-south redneck to say things much worse than what he actually did say.

So what say ye good readers? 

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JPMorgan Chase Punishes Customers Who Shopped at Target During Breach

Customers who shopped at Target during the massive credit-security breach will now be socked with debit limits on their cards. Debit purchases will be limited to $300 per day, and $100 per day in cash withdrawals.

Target has offered a 10% discount to customers as an apology to lure customers back to their stores after the giant retailer failed to maintain security of credit information for 40-million customers between Black Friday and December 15.

Read more at: FOX News Insider


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