Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wildly Irresponsible Gun Control PSA (VIDEO)

The following video is downright disturbing and wildly irresponsible to the point that it might actually get people killed.

The video encourages young people to actually steal their parent's (presumably legally owned) firearm and take it to school in a backpack to turn it over to a teacher. There are so many things wrong with this PSA it's hard to know where to start.

Stealing a firearm is a felony. Bringing it onto to school grounds is more than likely a violation of all sorts of laws, depending on where you live, but certainly enough to get a student permanently expelled and with good reason. Clearly a young person who would do something so foolish has not been taught to respect firearms, and could very easily wind up having an accident with it, killing themselves or someone else, at any point when they are handling or carrying it. Even if there weren't an accidental discharge, if the gun fell out of the bag it could cause such panic and mayhem that people could still wind up dead. (Look at what happened when John Crawford III just had a toy gun out in a WalMart store.) Unlawful possession by a minor, illegal concealed carry, brandishing, even assault, are all crimes that this "public safety" video encourages.

The anti-gun crowd are the real danger, not only to liberty, but even to public safety.

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