Friday, April 17, 2015

Left to Right

I have thoughts on the political divide today in this country. Although I don't want this to be a personal soap box a bit about me. I'm a Conservative, not a Republican. By and large I am on the right of most things however my point to this is I will listen to the other side if I'm approached with civility and fact and not simply "you're not Democrat so you are wrong" or vice versa as is so sadly and ignorantly the case in big and small ways nation wide in today's day and age.

Folks regardless of your personal side of the fence in the affairs of the country and world today we need to at least listen to each other, looks at facts on all sides because the media wont tell you the truth, it's up to us to find said truth and not further the divide with baseless bickering that those in power want you to have in the first place. -Shaun Hedden