Monday, June 13, 2016

HVWire BANNED From Posting Comments On Facebook


It seems our questioning of the official narrative has pissed off the powers-that-be.

Our entire staff has just been banned from posting on any other page on Facebook. This includes posting from my own private account to other pages, such as mainstream media outlets and news pages. I immediately appealed the blocking of our page, considering we also provide information to emergency service pages and this will hinder our sharing of information with them, as well as the community overall.

We received no warning about policy violations in posts made to other pages, nor were we asked to remove any comment made on any other page. (Though I do expect our comments have probably now been deleted across many pages, wherever we challenged the official narrative of the Orlando tragedy.) I don't know if this is what did it. But this was our last post before being banned:

So he has no problems with the blacks, yet he opened fire randomly into a club where there were black people and didn't seem to care one bit about killing them. And what was his beef with Latinos then for that matter, given that this was pretty much a Latino club? The "stop bombing ISIS bit just seems thrown in there and exaggerated." But if this guy really is telling the truth, then we have a problem Houston, there was certainly more than one shooter as reported b y other witnesses as well. Which again throws the official narrative right back onto it's ass.

It appears that Facebook and other more powerful news pages feel they know better than you do, about what you should and should not be allowed to read.