Saturday, April 21, 2018


We have just been slapped with numerous violations by Facebook, and our page unpublished. I assume that means you will no longer be seeing our content appear in your regular feed, and no longer be visible to our nearly 3,000 regular users. The reason for being unpublished is "repeated violations of policy" although we have never once had a warning about our own content. In this instance, a video and an image were removed from the page. Both items had simply been shared from other pages, and was not original content. One of the items was simply a non-offensive photo of Trump, quoting his own statement when he said "grab her by the (censored)." Clearly, our open discussions, debates, and sharing of information has pissed of the powers that be.

I have just received two performance reports for the page in our notifications, so based on that, I would assume that our page is now operating normally. I can only guess that they realized their error and actually did something about it this time. I really can't explain those notifications at all myself. -JMV, FB page Senior Admin