Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ring In On Duck Dynasty Debacle!

A lot of folks are quite sick of hearing about it, but it does seem to cut to the chase of very important social issues we face today. So, we will go ahead and solicit your opinions here.

Speaking for myself (JMV), and not necessarily the other admins on HVW, I think it is mostly an issue of discrimination of religion. He was fired for his religious beliefs. That is illegal, and just as intolerable as if he had been fired for outing himself as gay in the GQ article.

Secondly, on the free speech level, he was not on air with A&E or "on the clock" so to speak. Should we be held accountable for not strictly adhering to ambiguous directives or unwritten policies of our employers when we are not at work?

Finally, I think they made a mountain out of mole-hill on this. I might have expected a deep-south redneck to say things much worse than what he actually did say.

So what say ye good readers? 

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