Friday, December 27, 2013

EMT Broke Rules to Make Emergency Transport, Suspended and Resigns

This story does not appear to be entirely accurate or thoroughly investigated, but we can still see the core element of what happened. A 20-year old volunteer who was not authorized to drive the ambulance for the squad, chose to drive the ambulance anyway, because no other transport was immediately available for a child having a seizure. What say ye on this issue Hudson Valley? Life-saver, rule-breaker, or both?
ELLENVILLE — The resignation of an Ellenville First Aid and Rescue Squad volunteer who admits breaking rules to transport a sick child to the hospital has caused an outcry in the community.

EDIT to add additional source:

The following article seems to give more insight into the issue.

Ellenville EMT who was suspended had previous violations, squad captain says


Sawyer, despite not being authorized to make decisions about which calls should take priority, told the other EMT and the driver to answer the second call, according to Gavaris. He said Sawyer, who is one year too young to drive the volunteer squad’s ambulance but does drive a smaller ambulance for a paid service, should not have instructed the other squad members to answer that call.